Multi Robot Framework for Cooperation of Robots

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What is SYMROP?

−SYMROP− Multi robot framework for robots to communicate with each other efficiently.

SYMROP was developed with the support of Mitou Project 2006. This was introduced inIPAX2007.Nii Open House 2007.


SYMROP is made for programming multi-robots cooperation tasks easily.

We developed a framework by which many robots can cooperate with each other easily. Also, these robots are connected by ad-hock network, hence no centric server is required. Also we came up with a new ad-hoc wireless communication protocol which is optimized to multi robot communication. By using SYMROP, it’s easy to create a program for cooperation multi-robots by overriding multi-robot interface provided by SYMROP.


Structure of SYMROP

Robots will cooperate with each other by using multi robot command interface.

Multi robot command interfaces

Single action will be shared by available robots by following command interfaces.

  • DoSingleAction … The most appropriate robot by the input evaluation will do the action.
  • DoMultipleAction … The most appropriate robots by the input evaluation will do the multiple sequential actions.
  • SyncAll … Robots will repeat a specified action until all robots will satisfy a specified condition.
  • WaitAllAndDo … Do nothing until all robots will satisfy a specified condition and then do a specified action.
  • AllDo … Any robot will do a specified action.

  • Expandability

    Client applications can come up with several multi robot commands by overriding multi robot command interfaces. And SYMROP will run these commands.

    Ad-hoc wireless communication

    SYMROP provides fast and low-cost communication.

    The original protocol was developed for SYMROP. Because the network can be very unstable because robots can move fast and also there can be obstacles for wireless communication. And also robots are connected by ad-hoc network and these connections can be disconnected frequently. So, we had to come up with the robust protocol which can be used in such kind of very unstable situation.


    Multi-robot monitoring system

    ■Multi robot monitoring system
    ・Track the locations of robots
    ・Show conditions of robots
    ・Show radio ranges of robots
    ・Analyze packets from robots
    ・Show the area where robots are available
    ・Send commands manually


    Hardware for SYMROP

    ■SYMROP hardware
    ・SYMROP and client application which is run on SYMROP will be installed.
    ・Have a functionality to simulate robots activities
    ・Low cost hardware
    -RAM 4KB
    -ROM 128KB

    Screen shots

    DEMO〜 Repairing building agent system by SYMROP〜

    Robots will be distributed to a field and patrol there cooperating with other robots. And if a robot find a building is broken, that robot and robots nearby there will fix that building by cooperating will other robots

    About US

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